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A blog about mental health and the journey to recovery. TBI Survivor| Retired LEO|My Chapter Two| ER RN|

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Cyril Davis is a husband and father with an extensive background in law enforcement beginning with the Detroit Police Department.  

During his time as a Detroit Police Officer, Cyril interacted with the community on a personal basis. He placed emphasis and importance on understanding the community he patrolled. Cyril took an active role in the lives of the youth of the community and continued to ensure the safety of every citizen.

After nine years with the Detroit Police Department, Cyril accepted a position with the Department of Homeland Security . In this position, he was responsible for ensuring law enforcement on both domestic and international passenger flights.  His previous experience as a Detroit Police Officer gave him a unique perspective on his new position, as he collaborated with federal, state and local authorities to assist in the identification and response of potential terror threats in the aviation environment. After almost 15 years in law enforcement, Cyril retired after suffering a traumatic brain injury with experience from the Department of Homeland Security. 

Following his career in law enforcement, Cyril has used his experience and knowledge to continue to support his local community. He contributes his time as a motivational speaker and mentor to encourage and motivate future and current first responders to overcome obstacles and bridge the gap between civilians and law enforcement. In addition, he has used his journey to recovery to help other students and individuals with disabilities to find their new “normal.”

Cyril is a current nursing student at Oakland Community College and a member of The Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI).

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